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System of a Down
Steal this Album!

A very political band, System of a Down, decided to join the evil empire with Steal this Album!, capitalizing on all those songs not good enough for 2001 opus Toxicity. This does not mean this new material is any less significant, still holding the usual psychotic craze of any given System of a Down release. Toxicity is amazing in its proper timing to a hurt felt society. Steal this Album! randomly dabbles into these ideas in its own rather chaotic fashion, closely resembling the essence of the American society.

The album starts out with the mindless "Chick N' Stu," a punchy anthem expressing hatred for various advertisers' urging for hungry viewers to buy pizza. "Innervision" is--oddly enough--an enlightening track expressing the need to find one's--you'll never gues--inner vision. "Bubbles" is deliciously riddled with sweet metaphors pertaining to a rather universal struggle for power. "Boom!" is sort of the calmer "Prison Song" in that front man Serj Tankian rants Zach De La Rocha-style (ex-front man of the very political Rage Against the Machine) about--what else--our terrible society. A track to love is "Nuguns" in its strong anti-violence statement. "ADD" is even better yet, with its honest but perhaps viewed a little too sensitive to be discussing at such a hectic hour. But it must be noted how great the ballads "Ego Brain," "Roulette," and "Streamline" truly are. "Roulette" is one of the most intimate of SOAD songs, suggesting that this song's actually about the relationship between a man and woman, rather than the usual man verses the machine stint. "Streamline" shares this essence, saying goodbye to that special someone worth writing about and the proud owners of Steal this Album!

I pity those idiots who actually did burn this disc. This CD is just too good to steal.
Crystal at 11/18/2004 01:57:00 PM

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