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Great Lakes Myth Society
Great Lakes Myth Society

Hailing Ann Arbor as both their hometown and inspiration for music, the Great Lakes Myth Society are here to provide a soundtrack for enchanted tales of the Great Lakes region, capturing nostalgia reminiscent of a Bradbury novel. The band consists of brothers Timothy and James Christopher Monger, Gregory Dean McIntosh, J. Scott McClintock, and Fido Kennington, originally assembled as the Original Brothers and Sisters of Love. On their self-titled debut, the Great Lakes Myth Society plays on themes of the region in which their name hails, sounding something like Flogging Molly and Camper Van Beethoven over the course of fifteen tall tales.

A brawl between legends Paul Bunyan and Treasure Island's "Big Jim Hawkins" is the re-telling of how the lakes of the region were once created. Jimmy Stewart is the talk on the short but sweet "Marquette County,1959," when the classic star made his way to the area to shoot Preminger's Anatomy of a Murder. The album closes appropriately with "Lake Effect," insisting the listener, don't cry in the river/It will carry you away/our gifts are the fables of the Lakes, ending a great album for friends to the region and genre alike.

Crystal at 6/14/2005 09:06:00 AM

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